‘Christmas wishes For Friends’

May this Christmas be so special
that you never ever feel lonely again
and be surrounded by Friends throughout!

Merry Christmas to you my Friend.
May you soar into the new year filled with health,
happiness and prosperity

Each one of you are precious to me!
I am so blessed to have you in my life and
I love each one of you! Wishing you a beautiful
Christmas & a Happy New Year.

We send these season greetings
especially for you my friend
to wish you a merry Christmas
and a happy new year too.

You are my best friend and
I am really lucky to get you as my best friend
Enjoy Christmas and New year Merry Christmas to You

Take a few moments this season to appreciate
the true meaning of Christmas and what makes
it so magical and joyous.
Merry Christmas my Friend

My friend, your friendship means everything to me.
All the memories will always be remembered.
Let this Christmas bring us more closer to each other.

Your family is lucky to have you.
I am also lucky to have you as friend.
May God always protect you and love you.
You, deserve it, Merry Christmas, dear!

Dear Friend, May this Christmas bring you all the
love and luck in the world!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

If You Look For Me At Christmas
I’m no longer just in Bethelehem
I’m right there where you are

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